PUPULIAI are quick and easy to prepare, it does not matter whether you want to make sophisticated dishes or quick snacks. It is up to you whether to bake in the oven, to boil in a frying pan, to fry food in the oil or maybe to use a microwave.

Three exceptional and long-lasting tastes give you an opportunity to discover the most favourite flavour! Though we think that all of the three can be enjoyed the same!

PUPULIAI are made from legumes and fresh vegetables enriched with a wide variety of spices and grouts. Nutritious PUPULIAI give a feeling of strength and satiety. Try and you will see!


Chickpeas with Vegetables

Popular falafels that came to the world’s cuisine from the Middle East are also on the palette of the flavours. They stand out with the simplicity and delicious flavour that goes with almost any meal!

Soya and Polenta

Soya is a substitute to meat for many people who promote vegetarian diet and polenta is a corn starch particularly popular in Northern Italian cuisine. These PUPULIAI are recognized by the delicate and aromatic flavour.

Muchrooms and Dried Tomatoes

Who could resist the combination of mushrooms and dried tomatoes? We guarantee that this PUPULIAI flavour will be a fanfare for your taste receptors!

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